Sanford Development Opportunity

3905 Oakcrest Dr. Sanford, NC 27332

Property Details

Property Type: Land / Retail
Site Size: 10.2 acres

Property Highlights

With over 1,000’ of frontage and two access points off the main commercial corridor in the market, Otter Creek’s 10.2 acres provide developers and retailers a great location in a rapidly growing market south of the Raleigh metro area. 5 potential outparcels, a big box opportunity, and utilities servicing the site make Otter Creek ready for development.


  • 10,000+ residential units proposed and approved in Sanford/Lee County
  • 1,500+ homes under construction right now
  • Major employers include Moen, Pfizer, Coty, Tyson, Caterpillar, Bharat Forge, Astellas, and more
  • Proximity to Triangle, Raleigh Corporate Airport are driving corporate and residential growth
  • As a hub within the “Carolina Core” along future I-685, Sanford is well positioned for continued expansion


  • Zoning: Highway Commercial and R-20/MH
  • Utilities: W/S Available at the site with capacity
  • Access: Two access points including a Full movement and R-in, R-out available onto Highway 87
  • Subdivision: 10+ acre site available in flexible outpads
  • Ideal Uses: Ideal for retail, commercial, medical office, hospitality, and multifamily
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    Sanford Development Opportunity Sanford Development Opportunity Sanford Development Opportunity

    1 MILE

    Population: 10,600

    Average Income: $62,600

    3 MILE

    Population: 30,400

    Average Income: $58,200

    5 MILE

    Population: 69,300

    Average Income: $61,400